Travelling with Your Dog – Advice and Tips

At West Country Parks we understand that dogs are an important part of the family and many of our visitors like to bring their furry friends along on their holidays – so all of our Holiday Parks are dog-friendly and we welcome conscientious pet owners.

We also know that travelling with the family can sometimes be stressful so here are our top tips to make travelling with your dog that little bit easier for you all!

To prevent sickness, it is advised that you feed your pet no sooner than two hours before you travel. If your journey is long enough to cover a period of time that your pet would normally be fed remember to take their regular food with you. If your dog is prone to car-sickness we suggest that you talk to your vet prior to travelling.

Exercise your pet before you leave. The more energy you can burn-off before you set-off the more likely it is that your dog will be happy to rest for at least some of the journey!

Make sure that your pet is comfortable and secure before setting off. If not secured properly he/she could cause an unintentional distraction, endangering themselves and you whilst you are driving. Travelling down the M5 at 70 miles per hour is probably not the ideal time for Fido to clamber onto your lap!

Take plenty of water with you for rest stops. Your dog should always have access to water during your travels.

Take regular breaks. Much like young children your pet should be allowed time to stretch, drink and go to the toilet throughout your journey! Always exercise your dog on a lead and make sure that they can’t escape when you get them out of the vehicle. Always have your poop-bags ready!

Never leave your dog alone in your vehicle on a warm or hot day. The RSPCA advises that this can cause ‘distress and suffering and lead to the death of your pet’. A car can become extremely hot even when it doesn’t feel that warm outside. When it’s 22 degrees outside it can reach an unbearable 47 degrees in your car in less than an hour – cracking the window open will not make the slightest bit of difference.

Pack the essentials for your pet and make sure that they are easy to access throughout your journey. We would recommend a water bowl, food, medications, poop-bags, a spare name-tag and collar with leash, towel, dog bed/blanket, favourite toy and of course – treats! Items that are familiar to your pet will help to keep them distracted, calm and relaxed.

If your pet is new to car journeys we would also suggest that you take a few short drives with them before your trip to see how they react.

We hope these tips make any upcoming trips a little easier for both you and your pet! To find out more about our dog-friendly Holiday Parks please CLICK HERE to request your free brochure.