Buying a Static Caravan – Advice and Tips

At West Country Park Homes we understand that buying a static caravan is far from a small decision, and with more choice available than ever before it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

We want all of our holiday home owners to enjoy their time with us for years to come so we’ve compiled this list of advice and tips to help you at the start of this exciting journey;

Consider your lifestyle and how often you will be using your holiday home. If you favour weekend breaks rather than longer, less regular getaways, a caravan park within a couple of hours travelling time from your home is probably the sensible option. However, if you plan to visit for several weeks at a time, a couple of times a year, you may be willing to travel further.

 Remember to check the length of the parks season, our parks vary from 9 – 12 months of the year.

 Think about how you enjoy spending your leisure time. If you have a young family you may prefer a park with enough facilities and events to keep everyone entertained. However, if you are hoping to enjoy a peaceful retirement, peace and quiet with like-minded people may be more important.

 Consider the pitch location; would you prefer a quiet pitch away from the main facilities or are you the kind of person who would you rather be in the middle of things?

We strongly recommend that you visit any potential park before making a purchase. If you can spend a couple of nights there that’s even better!

 Set a budget. Static caravans come in a wide range of specifications; from basic entry-level models to highly luxurious. It can be easy to get carried away when looking at lovely glossy photos of brand-new units, but in our experience the model that you choose will depend on your budget.

Remember that in addition to your initial purchase you will also be responsible for site-fees, gas, electricity, insurance and general maintenance costs.

 New or pre-owned? Many pre-owned units can be purchased in ‘like new’ condition for a fraction of the price of a new unit, however, in the event of any issues a brand-new unit usually comes with a manufactures warranty. You may also find that the heating system is more efficient in new units. If you decide to purchase a pre-owned unit remember to ask the current owner for any available paperwork.

At West Country Parks we don’t impose strict age limits on our static caravans, however most parks do. Older models may be removed from site, so always ask for clarification from any park that you are considering.

Choose the right model and layout. Static caravans come in an almost infinite variety of styles and layouts. It’s important to consider how you will use your new holiday home; How many beds will you need? Is it more important to have a spacious kitchen or will you spend more time in the living area? Do you need an en-suite, bath or just a shower? Does anyone in your family have accessibility needs?

 These are all really important questions so don’t be afraid to spend a bit of time having a look around and investigating what is available.

 Finally, ask for a copy of the park rules. Every park has its own set of rules and it’s important to familiarise yourselves with them before committing to a purchase; Is the park pet-friendly? Are there restrictions on car-parking? Are the park facilities free or will you have to pay extra? Are there restrictions for having sheds, storage boxes etc?

 These may seem like small points, but they are all things that you will wish you had checked once you take ownership of your holiday home!

 So, in summary, it is important to look at the bigger picture. Purchasing a holiday home is a big decision and we hope that you will enjoy the experience for years to come. Take your time and don’t be afraid to ask questions – but remember to be realistic about your expectations!

At West Country Parks we offer a superb range of new and pre-owned holiday homes from the top manufacturers. With 6 unique holiday parks all located in beautiful Somerset we are confident that you will find your perfect holiday home.

Please click HERE to browse all of our available static caravans and lodges. If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail our dedicated sales team will be happy to help 01278 783475.